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About Gravefest

Gravefest is all about the small bands. Over the past decade a lot of Stockholm’s live music establishments have closed down, making it harder for bands to get out on stage. We want to change that. We provide a professional festival experience for the bands who need it. A chance for bands to expand their fan-base as well as a great opportunity for the visitors to discover new bands. Win win!

The story so far

The Gravefest concept was established in the summer of 2018, when co-founders Rob and Pedro hosted a three-day house party, specifically for those who couldn't or wouldn't attend Arvikafestivalen or Sweden Rock Festival that year.

After an insane weekend Pedro suggested they should make it an annual event, naming it ‘Gravefest’ in honor of the host and co-founder Rob Grave.

Strykenine GF19.jpg

Shortly after Jonte was recruited and the newly formed trio began planning for 2019.

A year later Gravefest was held for the very first time as a free festival located in Rob’s backyard. Two days of absolute mayhem later it was deemed a success.

Strÿkenine at Gravefest 2019

However, our path was not always strewn with roses.

Rob moved to the UK and Gravefest was put on hold for a few months. Jonte and Pedro felt the show must go on and recruited Sara and Ida-Maria to the family who helped Gravefest rise from the ashes. 

2019 became 2020, and with that followed a nasty party-pooper named covid-19, which, as for everyone else, forced us to postpone the festival. 

GF22 Crew hugsies (1 of 1).jpg

In 2022 three years of planning and hard work finally paid off. Together, the quartet took  Gravefest to another level. On the 1st of July 2022 the gates to Gravefest opened in Stortorpsparken, Trångsund for the first time in this new regime. It immediately became the talk of the town and was well received by both visitors and artists.

Not only did Gravefest gain respect and new followers after the 2022 success, but also a new family member. After an incredible contribution to Gravefest 2022 the crew welcomed Keno as security and site manager. Henceforth the four were now a family of five. 


To be continued…

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