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ALBA Metal

Dear Gravediggers!

We are stoked to present yet another hard working craftswoman to our 2023 festival crew. Gravediggers, let's give a warm welcome to ALBA metal.

Inspired by the glam rock scene Alba started to craft her own jewelry, favorizing the stunning combination of feathers, leather, and metal.

The hobby turned into a business idea when she finished her metal designers education at Nyckelviksskolan and began creating metalware for sale, stating “I love to mix different kinds of contrasts, like feathers and leather or soft and hard materials, ‘Handsome rock’ is my go-to motto for my creations”. She is now also a goldsmith apprentice and is working on establishing her brand ALBA Metal alongside it.

This will be her very first physical sales opportunity and we are honored to have her.

Check out her creative metalware below and make sure to pay her a visit during Gravefest 2023.

Keep the creativity flowing girl, see you 7-8th of July!

- Sincerely the Gravefest crew

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