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Rockflödet Interview

Dear Gravediggers,

Two weeks ago, Pedro and Ida-Maria sat down with Corey Duvette from Rockflödet and had a good chat about Gravefests’ past, present, and future.

Rockflödet is a fairly new podcast hosted by Jonas Lööw (Rockbladet, Rock Dudes) and Corey Duvette (Hårdrock - för fan!, Save the Noize), that has already gained a lot of loyal followers and respect in this short period of time. This podcast is all about echoing the latest news in the rock n roll world and also getting a glimpse into the life of big names in the industry with refreshing and interesting interviews.

It was such an honor to be featured on this amazing podcast, go check out Rockflödet below!

Interview episode link:

Have a nice weekend Gravediggers!

- Sincerely the Gravefest crew

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