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Twizted Twinz Craft

Dear Gravediggers,

We are thrilled to announce another two craftswomen to our 2023 festival crew, horns up for the terror twins, Twizted Twinz Craft.

This business is founded and runned by twin sisters Linda and Jenni. Both the company name and the business itself is all about the love for rock music, sisterhood and creativity. The term ‘Twizted Twinz’ has been around and used by them since the sisters’ first Sweden Rock Festival visit back in 2003, when they got inspired by headlining acts Twisted Sisters.

So, when they decided to start a business together, Twizted Twinz was the obvious name of choice.

TTC is all about making unique, detailed jewelry and accessories with, you guessed it…a twist.Check out their amazing work below and make sure to pay them a visit at Gravefest 2023!

Stay twizted!

-Sincerely the Gravefest crew


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